the anti-rat

 Hi, I’m Kelly. I think a lot about how to live the life that I want to live, rather than the life I’m told I should be living.

Over the years, this means we’ve (the husband and I) homeschooled our five children, spent many years travelling, earned money in creative and non-standard ways, and intentionally stepped outside of the rat-race to see if we can create a better way of living.

One with hobbies and interests and free time, with plenty of time for sleep and hours spent sitting around the dinner table.

We’ve been living it for decades. And this is how we’ve done it.

So if you’ve signed up to the whole capitalist, work-buy-repeat lifestyle and you’ve got the sneaking suspicion you’ve been sold a lie, welcome.

Sign up for the what, why, and (most importantly) how we’ve managed to avoid taking part in the rat-race – hair shirt not required.

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Thanks for joining me,